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Credit Recovery

Students earn credit for each course they successfully complete after the Fall and Spring semesters.  Credit Recovery is typically needed when a student fails a course for the semester, particularly if the course is a graduation requirement.  Below are ways to recover credit for a course.    

Grade Average
A student could grade average to earn credit if the average of Semester 1 and Semester 2 is equal to a 70 or higher.  Course must be the current school year.  

Example 1 - grade average
Semester 1 Grade = 68        Semester 2 Grade = 72
(68  +  72) / 2 = 70 for the year.  You would earn credit for both semesters. 

Example 2 - no grade average
Semester 1 Grade = 65       Semester 2 Grade = 70
(65  +  71) / 2 = 68 for the year.  You would only earn credit for semester 2.  You would need credit recovery for semester 1.  

Retake the Course
Students can retake the semester of the course they did not pass. The course will be a part of the student’s schedule and they would lose an elective.    

Twilight School
Occurs outside of the school day and is offered for core classes only (English, Math, Science, Social Studies).  It's free, but you must register.  Students take one semester of a course per Twilight School session.  There are multiple sessions offered throughout the year and they last about a month.  Courses are taken using the Edgenuity program.  The highest grade students can make is a 70.  The counselor will provide registration information prior to the start of each Twilight School session.

Virtual Lab
Offered for one period during the school day. Students will not earn credit for this course. Students earn credit for the courses completed through the Edgenuity program.  Typically for students needing to recover multiple credits.  Space is limited, preference is generally given to seniors. 

Summer School
Fees may apply.  Summer School information is released by the district during the spring semester.

A program designed specifically for students that are significantly behind in credits and are in jeopardy of not graduating.  For more information:  STRIVE Handbook

STRIVE contacts
Interim STRIVE Principal: Alva Walker 
Counselor:   Ms. Mercy