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Office Hours 7:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.



Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Forms and Attendance Notes will only be provided or accepted at students' assigned lunch period or after school before 3:00, not during the passing period, or class period. 

Parents/Guardians: Cut off time for student pick up is 2:30.

Students entering a class 1-10 minutes late will be considered tardy, and will need to get a tardy from the tardy kiosk. Although it is not an absence, unexcused tardies can lead to disciplinary action.

A student is considered absent after entering 11 minutes into the class period. 10 absences or more will lead to truancy, where a court date will be set. Excused absences do  not count towards truancy.

A parent/guardian should submit an absence note in writing to the Attendance Office for each day of absence. Notes must be turned in within three days of their absence.  If you wish to email, you may click on one of the links shown or use the Family Access Absence Notification Request, which allows parents/guardians to send a note by email through Family Access.      

Students submitting a note from a doctor or dentist for a partial day will be considered present.
Students submitting a note from court will be considered present. 
Students arriving late for school must sign in with the Attendance Office.  

Students leaving campus during the school day must be signed out in the Attendance Office by a parent/guardian, or with email permission from a verified parent/guardian. Physical ID must be provided.  

Our closed-campus policy does not allow students to leave campus for lunch, regardless of the student's age. We ask for parental help and support with this policy.

According to the Texas Education Code §25.092, students are required to attend 90% of the days a class is offered. A student who misses a class more than 9 times in 1st semester, or 10 times in 2nd semester, is subject to loss of credit. Excused and unexcused absences count towards credit denial. Please be aware of absences accrued throughout each semester. 

Attendance school after committee approval, will be offered for students not meeting the 90% rule for credit denial purposes. 
Seniors not meeting the attendance requirement will not participate in graduation ceremonies.
Students not meeting the attendance requirement will not be allowed to receive the VOE form that the DPS and driving schools require for a permit or driver's license.

CHHS Attendance Team
Annette Villarreal
Lead Attendance Clerk
469-272-2000 ext. 7006


Grettel Romero
Attendance Clerk
Alpha M-Z
469-272-2000 ext. 7005