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Parent Education Center


As we grow in Advanced Academics, we want our parents to grow with us! AAPEC (Advanced Academics Parent Education Center) will serve as our bridge to creating the most powerful partnership in education - school, family, and community. We believed a well informed family is a well empowered family. Feel free to check our website for updates regarding our upcoming sessions, and also join the AP VOICE to receive text message updates as well.  


Below you will find a list of resources, meeting dates, and education sessions you will need in order to assist your advanced academics student succeed.  Although our students are, for the most part, self starters, we have to continue to monitor their progress.  Advanced students are sometimes the least likely to ask for help.  It is our job to make sure we are helping them to help themselves.  Remember, our students are still in high school and still need guidance!

SHMOOP Parent Information

"What is Shmoop?"  This is a very common question on our campus right now. We surveyed some students currently enrolled in AP courses, and asked them to communicate areas of need in our AP program. The students shared there are not enough resources for them to prepare for our AP exams. We conducted a thorough search to find a resource that would provide online assistance, and give immediate feedback to our students. Shmoop is that resource!

Shmoop gives our students online practice exams, timed assessments, drills, videos, and is also used in the classroom as assignments. An important feature offered by Shmoop was parent engagement. We have attached the directions so you can create your own account, and work with our students at home. We hope you enjoy it! It has proven to be parent friendly!