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Advanced Placement AP

YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN for advanced academics!  Did you know colleges and universities esteem AP courses highly when reviewing your college application?  Did you know you can begin taking your career classes NOW, while you're in high school through our dual credit courses?  Advanced academics is comprised of both the AP and dual credit courses you need to get you to whatever career path you choose!  Cedar Hill High School encourages everyone to take at least one Pre-AP, AP, or dual credit course of interest while you're in high school.  It is important you take advantage of the varied courses being offered to help you prepare for your career!

Pre-AP Classes

If you want to be in advanced academics and want to experience the environment without taking an AP exam, take a Pre-AP class.  Pre-AP classes provide a differentiated curriculum that includes depth and complexity beyond the regular curriculum in the four core areas - Reading/English Language Arts, Math Social Studies, and Science.  It's not about moving at an accelerated pace, it's about the preparation you will receive.  The level of responsibility and accountability will be raised in these courses. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a weighted score on your high school GPA.

Advanced Placement Classes (AP)

Advanced Placement Program

If you are thinking of going to some of the nation's top colleges or universities, AP courses are for you!  Prestigious universities review your transcript to see what initiative you have taken to prepare yourself for their rigorous environment.  Not only do universities review your AP course selection,  they also review your AP scores.  Each school has their own requirement for passing AP exams.  You can review your university's credit policy by clicking the link title "College and Dual Credit Requirements" below.

Upon the completion of an AP course, you will be expected to take an AP exam.  To pass an AP exam, you must score a 3, 4, or 5.  You will receive a weighted high school credit if you successfully pass the class.  You may also receive college credit if you pass the AP exam of at least a 3 or higher. Receiving college credit depends on the college or university of choice.  Review the "College AP and Dual Credit Requirements" to see your school's requirement.

Dual Credit Classes


Dual credit courses are offered through our partnership with Dallas County Community College District.  Each course is taught by professors from DCCCD, or CHHS teachers who serve as adjunct professors on DCCCD's campus.  Upon successfully completing the dual credit course, you will receive both high school and college credit for the course.  Review the "College AP and Dual Credit Requirements" link to see your chosen university's requirements.  It is important to remember, your college GPA starts as soon as you receive a grade for your first dual credit course.  This GPA will follow you throughout the duration of your college or university career.   

You can also take dual credit courses that prepare you for both an immediate career AND college!  Our CTE program consists of dual credit courses that prepare you for careers in health, business management, and technology pathways.  

Explore and Learn More!

Take some time and research your chosen college or university AP and dual credit requirements!  It will save you time and help you plan out your course selection!  Just click on the link below, and search until your heart is content!

College AP and Dual Credit Requirements