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Cedar Hill High School


Cedar Hill High School is a 6A High School that serves grades ten through twelve with over 1,750 students.

Cedar Hill schools originally sat on North Broad Street, the current location of Bray Elementary. In 1957, the high school moved to Highway 67 with a population of 125 ninth- through twelfth-grade students. Through the years, additional buildings were added as the school population grew. School enrollment had tripled from 500 to 1500 between 1957 and 1978. The current campus opened in 1978, with one main circular hallway and a courtyard where the current library is located. In 1987, the school opened with an added second story, new gym, new library, and additional classrooms and cafeteria space, more than doubling the size of the building. An entire new wing and athletic complex was added in 1998. The new stadium opened in 2000, a one-year delay from the original plan, and that year the student body numbered approximately 1,900. In 2004 the Performing Arts Center opened, and the following year freshmen were moved to the Ninth Grade Center campus. In January 2015 an additional wing of classrooms and the baseball/softball complex were added.*

*Martin, Linda and Wanda Pitt. Don't Walk on the Brown Tile! The Complete History of Cedar Hill Schools. 2012.