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Our Teacher

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Phone: CHHS (469) 272-2000 x7343


Degrees and Certifications:

High School: EHS Everman Joe C Bean High School AA -TCC Tarrant County College TCC - Liberal Arts BA--TAMUCC Texas A&M University Corpus Christi -Arts/Communications MA- TAMUC Texas A&M University Commerce Education (Working towards my MA) Teacher certification acquired through TAMUC Texas A&M Commerce Teaching Certificates Held: Art EC-12 English 8-12 ESL EC-12 Generalist EC-6 Theater Arts EC-12 Microsoft Certified Professional in Server

Mrs. Winfield

Subject: Visual Arts Art 1 and Art 2 Sculpture, Honors Art 3 & 4 Sculpture  Grades 9-12    2nd floor Room 243

Best way to contact me: Email

Best time to contact me: Anytime by email;  If I am in class, I will respond within 24 business hours.

Example: if you contact me on a Thursday and we are out of school Friday and Monday due to holidays etc... I will respond by the end of day on Tuesday. 

Example: if you contact me on Monday at 3:30 p.m. I will respond by Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

Parents must know: All assignments and important information are posted on Schoology.

All work must be posted into Schoology in order to be graded. Unexcused Late work is not accepted.

Scholars will need to take good quality photos of artwork and post to schoology as well as meeting a required weekly photography assignment for all art classes.

Art Appreciation and Art History Writing assignments must be typed and added to schoology. Photographs of hand written work will not be accepted. All research and question answers must be typed and posted to schoology. No exceptions. 

Watch your emails for updates. I will email when scholars need additional supplies for lessons. 

Check skyward frequently to monitor your scholar's progress. Scholars must post photos of artwork in schoology to earn their grade, no exceptions. Other work that is research for artwork, written artist statements, bell work etc... needs to be typed directly into schoology. NO photos of handwritten assignments. If I can't see the photo a grade of 0 will be entered until the scholar informs me they updated and resubmitted the work.   

All art scholars attending in person will need to have a duplicate set of art supplies at home in the event of school building closing due to Covid 19, and for make up work due to other absences. 

Class Schedule:

A Days:

1st    Period      Art 1      7:25-9:05

2nd   Period      Art 1      9:10-10:45

3rd   Period      Art 1      10:50 - 1:16  We have D Lunch from 12:46 -1:16 

4nd   Period     Sculpture 2, 3 &4       1:21-2:55

B Days:

5th    Period      Conference/planning period      7:25-9:05

6th    Period      Art 1      9:10-10:45

7th    Period      Art 1      10:50 - 1:16   We have D Lunch from 12:46 -1:16 

8th    Period      Art 1      1:21-2:55

About Me:

My name is Jenny Winfield and this is my 11th year teaching at Cedar Hill High School. Prior to teaching at Cedar Hill I was a substitute teacher while working towards my teaching certificate.  Prior to working towards my teacher certification, I worked in retail as a Commission sales associate, and as a Retail Manager.  I can provide concrete help with those scholars who are entering a working environment for the first time.   

I was born into Art.  Both of my parents were/are art teachers. My father taught art at Tarrant County College from 1968 until he retired in 2006. In the summer I would often accompany him to school and would sit in his  ceramics classes and create, work with printmaking, sit in on his art appreciation classes and  also modeled for his drawing classes.

I’m happily married and have 4 dogs and 1 cat.  All dogs are toy dog breed of papillon. We used to breed them and sell puppies, but they aged out and are happily retired as our beloved pets. Our Cat is a Snowshoe named Bronteroc.  During college and just after college I managed a pet store in Fort Worth. 

A bit of fun information, My husband, Terry and I are active Pokemon go players and run a community of over 2,000 players in Arlington primarily, and do have some other members on our discord from various places around the world.  We are the top players in the DFW area and love to help new players learn the game. 

I'm looking forward to meeting and getting to know all of my scholars and looking forward to a creative and fun filled classroom.

I sponsor Art Club and Pokemon Club

Virtual Office Hours by appointment:  Click here to attend Mrs. Winfield's virtual office hour by set appointment.  Email  or Call 469-272-2000 ext 7343 to make an appointment.

Years at Cedar Hill ISD: 2012- Currently This will be my 11th year at CHISD. 

Years in Education: 2011- Currently This is my 11th year teaching and 18th year employed in Education. I was a substitute teacher while going to school to earn my Teaching certificate.

I Worked At Tarrant County College Library in the Non Print archives for 2 years. I also worked for 2 Years at Texas A&M Corpus Christie in the Theater Shop assisting the instructor with supervising set building and power tool operations. 

Best ways to contact me: Email me at  Email is always best. or call the campus during my planning period "B Day 5th Period  from  8:45-9:55 A.M.

School Phone (469)272-2000 ext 7343