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Art Club

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Art Club meets on Mondays and Thursdays after school until 4:30 pm.  

Occasionally Art club will run longer depending on events and projects we are working on.

Art club dues are payable through My payments plus. Dues are $10.00 a year. Any student with financial difficulties may speak with me privately to work out payment of dues. 

All art club members will be enrolled in the NAEA ART HONORS ASSOCIATION

Art club members must join the Art Club Schoology. 



Vice President



Scrapbook - Social media Historian. 

All Club members must be passing all classes,  good attendance, (no more than 3 tardies and 1 unexcused absences during the previous or current marking periods) and no disciplinary referrals in order to attend any off campus events or field trips. 

Art Club participates in various art competitions including but not limited to VASE, Doodle for Google, I Am Texas, YAM Flag design, Annual Congressional Art Competition and more as we become aware of the various competitions available. 

We do not have a working kiln at this time, so scholars wishing to pursue ceramics activities will be using air dry clay until the kiln is operational.  We anticipate installation of our new kiln for the 2023- 2024 school year, however as of 8-9-23 the kilns are not operational. I will update this page once the kiln is operational.