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Come have fun with your friends and show your LONGHORN spirit and class pride by painting on your own personal cement canvas! The proceeds from this project will go to the Senior Class of 2024

● First, fill out the CHHS Senior Painting Interest Form on the CHHS  Website. Must use your CHISD email

● Then sketch your design and submit it for approval on the CHS Senior Painting Permit form on the CHHHS


● Sketches must be approved by the school before painting can begin.

● There is a $55 charge that will be paid in order to paint your space. This is a fundraiser for the Class of 2024.

Guidelines for your sketch:

Think of your parking spot as a t-shirt that you want to wear to school. Your spot must be in dress code - so no references to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gangs, etc. Keep it classy! You can use your name, include your jersey number, the instrument you play, or favorite hobbies. Your spot should be fun and reflect who you are. You must also account for the parking space number. THIS CANNOT BE PAINTED OVER or REMOVED BY YOU.

Paint Requirements:

  • Paint must be latex "liquid" paint, no aerosol cans, etc.
  •  Students must use a water-based latex exterior paint.

a. Students MUST purchase their own paint and supplies - this includes bowls and brushes i. Home Depot, Lowes, Sherwin Williams, Ace Hardware ii. Dollar Tree, Target, Hobby Lobby or Walmart for paint supplies iii. Sharing colors with peers is encouraged

b. Students will not use “Stripping Paint” or any other “Raised” paint or Roofing Tar - it either peels up or is difficult to paint over next year.

c. NO spray paint, glitter or textured paint

d. Students will NOT cover WHITE painted parking lines.

What to bring on paint day:?

● Proof of parking permit purchase from CHHS Police Department 

● Your sketch that was already approved

● Paint and paintbrushes or rollers

● Masking tape or painter's tape to tape off the lines around your spot and the parking space number

before you start painting

● Broom to sweep off parking space and clean-up supplies

● No air or airless paint sprayers permitted

No Refunds after you have painted your spot. If you paint something inappropriate on your spot, it will be painted over and you will not receive a refund.  Remember to account for drying time.

Other Forms you will need and notes 

  • Do we a parking expiration (This usually coming from campus or campus police)  

  • Fill out the CHHS Senior Painting Permit to submit your design to be approved

  • Remember two separate checks if you are paying by check (1 for parking permit and 1 for to paint your spot)

  • This is only good during school hours (7am-4pm)